Paris to Ancaster Bike Race

25th Annual Paris to Ancaster Bike Race – April 29, 2018
1994 – 2018

The Ride is for Research – St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

The route is kept secret until race day. However based on past experience the route in Ancaster will likely be one of the following two:

Most likely route:

Alternate route via headwaters trail:


For over a century the roads of northern Europe have been home to the toughest bicycle races in the world. The most famous of these, Paris to Roubaix, takes place each spring over brutal cobblestone roads that have been preserved in their historic condition for over 100 years. Inspired by this classic race, the Paris to Ancaster has taken place for the past twenty four years over the roughest farm lanes, trails and gravel roads we can find. Combined with unpredictable spring weather and the largest field of riders assembled in Canada, it has become a classic race experience for everyone from average riders to Canadian Olympians. Join us on April 29, 2018, our 25th annual event, to become part of the history of this unique race.

70K Race

The legendary race. For over 20 years competitors have fought each other, and sometimes the elements, over this course. It changes a bit from year to year but the essence of a tough ride remains. From full out on the rail bed beside the Grand River to the 90 degree turn up Sharp’s Lane, to Old Hwy. 24 and on to the McIntyre/Nixon Rail Line. The mud of Rose Farm and the forest of The Prengerlaan. More mud at Mineral Springs Road Mud Chute and then to the mud pit of all time – the Powerline Road Mudslide. Just when you think you’ve made it you’re hit with the equally legendary climb up Martin’s Road. You’re only 3km from the finish but it is steep, rutted, wet and you’re tired. If you can stay on your bike for the whole climb you’re good. Even overall winners have had to run up this climb in the past. Challenge yourself on this true event.

Be prepared! Event goes rain or shine! Bring a spare tube, pump, patch kit, rain jacket and gloves.
There has been snow and sleet on race day so be ready for anything. Helmets are mandatory.

40K Race

Starting in 2001 we have offered a shorter race. Many people have said “It’s only 40K”. Then they wonder why they are hitting the wall at the finish. At 40K long it is a very fast race. You also get a lot of the best, or the worst, of the 70K. There is the slow mud of Rose Farm and the beautiful forest of The Prengerlaan. There is the Mineral Springs Road Mud Chute and the infamous Powerline Road Mudslide that sucks off shoes and clogs bikes. You still experience the legendary climb up Martin’s Road with its steep, rutted, and wet track. If you can stay on your bike for the whole climb you’re good. It is a good challenge for many racers and it sees more participants every year.