Guest Speakers at Trillium

Darren Creighton

7:30 pm. Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Speaker: Darren Creighton

For the Love of Black and White

What is it about black & white that still hold such interest for photographers & viewers?  Why do we still choose to make images in monochrome.  I have always loved black & white photography, since shooting my first roll of film. With no distraction from colour, the texture and the light become more important in the composition. A rather normal looking scene can be rendered as more dramatic. Through my passion for b&w we will talk about reasons to still shoot it and how colour is a distraction. The importance of  line, texture & simplification. How black & white effects the emotional weight of an image and how it can work as an artistic tool. Shooting & processing techniques are covered along with thought processes of images from start to finish.

I was born and raised in Welland Ontario. As a kid I was never into sports but enjoyed activities that were more creative like drawing, music & skateboarding. A friend of mine introduced me to photography when he did a photo shoot for the band I was playing in. Shortly after that I picked up my father’s 35mm Minolta, made my first print in the darkroom and was hooked! That was 1997 and its been a creative passion in my life ever since.

Photography to me is such a great means of expression. It’s the exploration of your vision and ideas mixed with light, composition, storytelling, technique & sometimes luck. When these elements come together it can feel like magic. Its addicting.

“I love how with camera in hand, you see and appreciate the world in a whole new way.”


Non-members are welcome to attend as Club guests for a fee of $10.00