Clinic Entry Instructions

The full requirements for Clinic entries are outlined in the Member’s Handbook, but are generally as follows:

  • A maximum of 5 images per person per clinic may be entered
  • Images may be driven from digital cameras or scanned photographic images
  • All images must be the work of the maker
  • The images will be evaluated online

File Sizing And Format

  • Submit images as JPEG files.  They will be projected in sRGB colour space
  • Maximum horizontal size is 1400 pixels
  • Maximum vertical size is 1050 pixels.  Smaller sizes are acceptable but will show smaller on the screen
  • Larger sizes are reduced by the computer with probably loss of sharpness

Refer to the Tutorial on Resizing Images.

File Naming

Please use the following Digital File Name Format (Same as last year):

Level-Category-Maker-Your Image Title
Use a hyphen as illustrated – note – there is no hyphen in the title.

Level: B=Bronze  S=Silver  G=Gold  M=Master
Category: P=Pictorial  N=Nature  C=Creative
Maker: Your personal clinic number
Your Title: Your Image Title.  Maximum of 25 characters.

EG: B-P-99-After the Rain.jpg or B-P-99-After the Rain.jpg

It is essential that you use this format.
If your title includes a hyphenated word, do not use the hyphen.
EG: Red-winged Blackbird would be Red winged Blackbird

  • Use only letters and numbers in the titles in your filenames
  • Avoid extra punctuation like ellipses (…), exclamation, quotation and question marks, slashes, brackets and of course hyphens
  • The last hyphen should be after your clinic number
  • Thus, avoid B-P-99-Takeoff! … or not ? – #9.jpg
  • Exceptions: Apostrophes and ampersands, so B-N-99-Cooper’s Hawk & Chick.jpg is OK


Email your Digital Images to on or before the due date.
Receipt of your entries will be acknowledged via email.
New members may obtain their clinic number via an email to the same address:

Mac Mail Users

If you are submitting your images using Mac Mail, put them in a folder first (even if you are only submitting one image), and drag the whole folder into your e-mail message.