Section A - ENROLMENT TYPE:

    Trillium currently has three enrolment types for membership in the Club: New, Renewal and Gift. New Members have not held a Trillium Membership in the last three years; Renewing members have held a Trillium Membership in the last three years. Gift Membership is a way of offering that special someone an awesome experience!

    A01 Select Enrolment Type (required):

    Section B - PERSONAL DATA:

    All personal data are kept confidential and are used for Club purposes only.

    This section has two parts; Part “A” is for the main applicant (You) Part “B” has two specific uses:
    1) partner’s information in a Couples Membership or 2) recipient’s information for a Gift Membership.
    IMPORTANT: Please state first names as you want them to appear on all Club listings. Example: I wish to be know as Dave rather than David, or Julie rather than Julianna.

    PART A - Main Applicant (You)

    B01 First Name (required):

    B02 Last Name (required):

    B03 Address (required): (Unit or Apt. # – House # Street Name)

    B04 City(required):
    B05 Province (required):

    B06 Postal Code (required):
    07 Phone Number (required):
    B08 Email Address (required):

    PART B: Partner Applicant or Gift Recipient

    This section is REQUIRED if this is a Couples or Gift Membership Application.
    Please provide the partner's information in a Couples Membership or the information of the recipient of a Gift Membership.
    B10 First Name (required):
    B11 Last Name (required):
    B12 Address (required): (Unit or Apt. # – House # Street Name
    B13 City(required):
    B14 Province (required):
    B15 Postal Code (required):
    B16 Phone Number (required):
    B17 Email Address (required):


    You need only fill in the following sections: Section C - MEMBERSHIP TYPE, Section D - PAYMENT METHOD and Section J - WAIVERS.

    Once your request is accepted and Payment received, you will receive a printable Gift Certificate by Email and additional information for the recipient on how to claim the Membership.

    Section C - MEMBERSHIP TYPE:

    There are three basic Memberships: Single, Couples and Student. They are either Full Year or Half Year depending on when you join. Full Year Memberships begin at the start of the session in July and Half Year Memberships begin mid-session in January. Please choose accordingly. Students over 18 must present a valid student card.
    C01 Membership Type and Fee Schedule (required):

    Section D - PAYMENT METHOD:

    Three options are available. E-transfer, cheque or cash. All payments are made to the Treasurer, Trillium Photographic Club. Additional payment information will be sent to you upon receiving your completed Enrolment Form.
    D01 Select Payment Method (required):


    New and Existing Members wishing to participate in Clinics require proper classification and positioning within the system. Trillium collects the information necessary to do so at this time. However, a member can apply for Clinic entry later if they choose to.

    E01 Name of Previous Camera Club (If applicable):

    E02 Rank Achieved (e.g.: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Master):

    E03 Self-Assessed Skill Level:

    E04 Principal Photography Interest:

    E05 If you selected "Other" - Please enter it here:

    Section F - YOUR GEAR - Optional:

    F01 Your Main Camera – Make:

    F02 Main Camera – Model:

    F03 Secondary Camera – Make:

    F04 Secondary Camera- Model:

    F05 Main Lens e.g. 70 mm Primary, 16-140 mm Zoom:

    F06 Secondary Lens e.g. 70 mm Macro, 12-55 mm Zoom:

    Section G - SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS - Optional:

    Special Interest Groups (SIG) offer like-minded individuals an opportunity to delve deeper and share experiences about a specific photography topic. Trillium offers between three and five Special Interest Groups each year based on demand. The following Special Interest Groups are offered this year.
    G01 Select the SIGs you plan to attend:

    Section H - VOLUNTEERING:

    It cannot be stressed enough how important volunteers are to our Club. If you have hidden talents or desire to take part in shaping our Club for the future, please consider talking to us regarding any of these areas:
    Looking for Volunteers in: – Please select:

    Section J - WAIVERS: - Required

    This section is required for ALL Membership Requests, including Gift. Although the waivers do not apply to the person giving the Gift Membership, Trillium wishes to ensure the gifter is well aware of the waiver requirements of membership.


    I understand that membership in the Trillium Photographic Club provides me with the opportunity to participate in activities which may involve elements of risk or danger that could result in loss or damage to my personal property, personal injury or death. I acknowledge this risk and danger and accept sole personal responsibility for my personal property and my personal safety as well as any and all consequences resulting from my participation in any and all club activities. I further agree to not hold the Trillium Photographic Club or any of its members responsible for any outcome, loss, injury or liability from my participation in club activities. I further understand that accepting this liability waiver applies to any and all guests or participants which may be brought by me to any club event or activity and I hereby undertake and agree to make any guest or participant brought by me aware of this liability waiver and will ensure their acceptance of these terms before they participate. I have read the terms of this waiver and understand that by attending a Trillium Photographic Club event, I acknowledge and agree to the terms of this liability waiver and accept sole personal responsibility as stated in the waiver.

    It is mandatory to agree to the "Liability Waiver" statement for membership to Trillium Photographic Club.


    By submitting this form, as a member of Trillium Photographic Club, I agree that any photographs submitted to the club may be used for club activities such as education or promotion. I also agree to receiving e-mails from the club from time to time notifying me of club events and other matters of general photographic interest.

    It is mandatory to agree to the "Use of Photographs and Email Waiver" statement for membership to Trillium Photographic Club.


    By submitting this form, as a member of Trillium Photographic Club, I agree that I will follow the By-laws and Rules of Trillium and I am the applicant named above.

    It is mandatory to agree to this statement for membership to Trillium Photographic Club.


    This section is optional – But we sure would like to hear from you!
    If you are a new member, How did you hear about us?

    If you selected "Other" - Please enter it here:

    If you could join a different Special Interest Group from the ones listed for this year, what would it be?

    If you didn't see one on the list please enter it here:

    Other Details You would like to share…

    IMPORTANT: You will receive an Enrolment confirmation email after submitting your form. This email contains important payment information needed to activate your membership. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE EMAIL AFTER 30 minutes, check your "spam" folder. If it is not there please contact "[email protected]".

    Complete this question to confirm you are not a robot:

    The Trillium Photographic Club would like to thank you for choosing to become a member of our family! We hope to see you soon!