Painting with light

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This is just a test of a event plugin not real event setup 

Facilitator: Dan Copeland

Light painting adds an element of uncertainty, a touch of the experimental. It demands creativity, is short on predictability. It’s an adventure, and it’s fun.

Light painting results when a hand-held light source—usually a flashlight of some type—is used in a dark room or outdoors at night to illuminate a subject.

In a past outing Dan has provided burning wool spun, mini lights moved in multiple directions and light painting a structure, You will need to have your camera’s on a tripod with its shutter open for a long exposure while the structure is illuminated with a light.

Suggested Equipment:

Tripod is a must due to longer exposures
Timer if you have it  (exposures longer than 30 seconds)
Flashlights – small to large
50mm lens for small vignettes
Wide angle variable lenses 7mm up to 100mm max
Boots as the grass may be wet
How many participants: 15 max