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2019 Members’ Challenge

The Trillium Members’ Challenge for the Spring of 2019 is “Creating Water Art”

In Creating Water Art, ideas could include photographing any form of water, such as clouds, ice, steam, drops, splashes, lakes, oceans, rivers, streams etc.  The approach could be anything from wide angle to close-ups.  There are also in camera effects to consider, such as long exposures, multiple exposures, camera movement and so on.

You could even look up the definitions of water at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/water  —-for more ideas —–such as idioms using the word water!

This is an exciting topic as there are so many ways to approach it!

So think creatively and to submit 5 – 8 images involving water!!!  

All images are to be sized as per clinics (to fit within 1400×1050 pixels) and named with owner’s name and a number, eg: JohnO01.jpg  Please provide a title page with your name and challenge information  like moving water, dirty water etc.

Entries are to be emailed by April 23, 2019 – to John Overmeyer at:
[email protected]

This is not a competition, so have fun participating in The Challenge.

For a PDF version of the Members’ Challenge that you can print click here