Guest Speakers at Trillium

Dr. Ron Goodlin

7:30 pm. Tuesday, Sep 25, 2018

Speaker: Ron Goodlin – Wildlife & Nature Photography

Dr. Ron Goodlin is a well-known Conservation-wildlife photographer from Toronto Canada. After slowing down his career as a cosmetic Dentist, he has spent much of his time travelling around the world to photograph wildlife that is in danger from the perils of mankind.

“My photographic vision and purpose, is to create natural but artistic images that will be engaging, and appeal to the general public, thus helping to bring the story of these endangered animals and perils to our natural habitats and landscapes, to the forefront, creating awareness of the effects of climate change, pollution, urban sprawl, poaching and industrialization.”

Ron hopes to institute positive change through his photography by changing the world….one image at a time! Dr. Goodlin has won many photographic awards, has had several one man and group shows, has authored several photo books (available on Blurb.com) and is an active and sought-after speaker on wildlife photography and nature conservancy.

Non-members are welcome to attend as Club guests for a fee of $10.00