2020 Members’ Challenge

The Trillium Members’ Challenge for the Spring of 2020 is “Shadows”

This is an exciting topic as there are so many ways to approach it – so think creatively and submit 5 to 8 images involving shadows.  For further  inspiration, you may wish to consult a dictionary such as this: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/shadow where a number of meanings are explored and defined.

For example:  a mirrored image, a  phantom shade, inseparable companion, follow closely, something fleeting, casting a shadow, a saddening influence etc etc!!!

All images are to be sized as per clinics and named with the owner’s name and a number, e.g. John 001.jpeg John 002.jpeg.  Please provide a title page with your name and challenge information: e.g. Ghostly Shadows, Gloomy Shadows, Shadowing.  

This is not a competition, so have fun participating in The Challenge.

Images will be due by April 14,  2020 to John Overmeyer at [email protected]

Presentation of images from Members’ Challenge is April 28, 2020.