Images will be shown in on the opening night, September 10, 2019.   Up to five images can be submitted.  This is not a competition!  It is intended to be a fun way to challenge your creative and photographic skills, and to exhibit the results at the club.  Members in the audience will be invited to see if they can guess your topic!.

 Topics have been designed to be of a somewhat general nature, so that no matter what you are doing, or where you are during the summer, you should be able to find material.

To submit your images, please size as for clinics  (to fit within 1400 X 1050 pixels). Name each image with your name and a number.  For example jkempster01.jpg, jkempster02.jpg etc.

Please submit images to Jim Maguire at   [email protected]  BY MIDNIGHT ON SEPTEMBER  3, 2019