Louise Elder Trophy for Best Wildflower is awarded to the member with the top image entered into this annual competition. This Award is for the flower of any identifiable wild Canadian plant including grasses, sedges, shrubs and trees. The image must include, as the centre of interest, any stage of the flower, either in bud, blooming or in seed.
A Field Guide of Canadian Wildflowers or Trees and Shrubs will be used as a reference to verify eligibility. Images must be titled with the botanical or common name. No manipulation of an image beyond that outlined in the rules for Nature images is permitted.
  • Maximum of 5 entries per member
  • Images  entered into any past Trillium Wildflower Competitions are not eligible
  • Images must be submitted by April 5, 2022 to [email protected]
  • They are to be sized the same as for clinics and named with the owner’s name and a number followed by the botanical or common name of the submission e.g. Jane Doe 01 Hepatica, Jane Doe 02 Trillium etc.
  • Reminder: entries must be of Canadian plants
  • The Club reserves the right to not award the Trophy if minimum standards are not demonstrated.
Presented  by Judy Boufford and Janet  Kempster.

Louise Elder Canadian Wild Flower Competition will be held April 26, 2022 as part of the Trillium 30th anniversary event.