• [Members] Call for CAPA Rep

    Hello everyone, David Evans is looking for someone to assist with CAPA competitions this year and hopefully take over as CAPA representative next year. As noted in the Handbook, the CAPA representative’s role is to liaise between Trillium and the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. CAPA is dedicated to the promotion and betterment of photography. […]

  • [Members] NFRCC Speaker Series

    Hello everyone, For anyone who’s interested, you can register for the NFRCC Speaker Series. To do so go to the NFRCC.org website. There’s quite a line up of excellent speakers. The September show was recorded and therefore available for viewing to anyone who register. Check it out.  Just in case you missed it I’m including the […]

  • [Members] NFRCC Fall Seminar

    Hello everyone, Sorry guys. My mistake. The NFRCC Fall Seminar is not free. It’s $25 US. Still a good deal. It’s the O3CCC vs NFRCC inter Regional competition that is free. I apologize for the confusion. Also just a reminder of tomorrow’s official Opening Virtual meeting. Thx, Bert

  • [Members] NFRCC Fall seminar

    Hello everyone,  I’m resending this information to let you know that the fall seminar is now Virtual only. Not that it matter’s to us Canadian since we can’t cross the border yet. It’s a free seminar but you must register to attend. From what I’ve heard it’s very good and there are very nice door […]