• NFRCC Photo Conference

    Hello everyone, Please take notice of the NFRCC Photo Conference invitation Thx, Bert     Full-Page-Advertisement-1.pdf

  • Reminder Scavenger hunt

    Hello everyone, Hope you are keeping well. Just a reminder that this coming Tuesday July 13 is the scavenger hunt presentation. Hope you can join us. This will be fun.   Click here for the Zoom link on our website –  you will need to login:  https://trilliumphotoclub.org/zoom-meeting-links-for-2020-2021/   Thx, Bert

  • NFRCC 2nd Annual Speaker Series

      Hello everyone, Please take notice. Thx, Bert The NFRCC is pleased to offer our 2nd Annual Speaker Series for the 2021-2022 season. Registration is now open for this series. Check it out:  https://www.nfrccevents.org    Please find attached the poster with the lineup of speakers for this 2nd Annual NFRCC Speaker Series.   When registering please […]

  • Moonrise in Australia

    Thanks to Mary Gilmour for sending this along. Subject:  Moonrise – Absolutely awesome   Something most people will never see in person in their lifetime. Moonrise – Breathtaking  moon rise… A video from the Byron Bay lighthouse at the northern tip of New South Wales, Australia. Because of its unique geographical location, it can be […]