• FYI – Nature TTL POTY 2021: Winners Gallery

    Thanks to Ted Jez for sending this along: Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021: Winners Gallery https://www.naturettl.com/poty/nature-ttl-poty-2021-winners-gallery/      

  • NFRCC speakers in 2021-2022

    NFRCC speakers in 2021-2022 Registration information is on the attached poster.

  • Two YouTube videos on photographic history

    Thanks to Pat Mohide for sending this along. Trillium members may be interested. In two YouTube videos. They highlight two important photographers who have made significant contributions to photographic history. The first is Lee Miller. She led a most remarkable life moving from fashion model to photographer to war reporter. She was the only female […]

  • Summary of 2020-2021 year end awards

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