• [Members] Zoom recorded presentations #2

    Hello everyone, Thanks to David Evans eagle eyes for pointing this out from the email I sent earlier w.r.t viewing recorded speaker presentations. The arrow is shooting from membership and documents. It should be shooting from program. So to access recorded presentations, click on the program tab then zoom items followed by zoom recording. Sorry […]

  • [Members] Zoom recordings

    Hello everyone, Here’s the steps to view speakers zoom recording. Thx, Bert 

  • [Members] lighting kit

    Hello,Ad titled 'Photogenic 3 light strobe kit' has been published. To view Ad you can use the link below:https://trilliumphotoclub.org/advert/photogenic-3-light-strobe-kit/

  • [Members] Inter Regional Competition

    Hello everyone, This is a friendly reminder of the OCCC vs NFRCC Inter Regional Competition virtual event November 6, 2021. As indicated on the poster, it’s free but you must register. Thx, Bert O3C-2021-NFRCC-Poster-01.pdf 616b25e384828.html