• Reminder re. O3C competition entries

    Sent on behalf of David Evans: Simple-Entry-Form.rtf

  • FW: Canadian Camera Magazine and CAPA Monthly Newsletter

    Thanks to David Evans for sending along the spring 2021 Canadian Camera magazine and the May 2021 CAPA Monthly Newsletter (see attached). On p. 30 of Canadian Camera they mention Trillium’s bronze in Creative Club.  Doug Doede won the 2nd merit award (animal) in the fall open individual competition; picture at p. 32.  The CAPA […]

  • FYI – video of NFRCC competition images

    Video of NFRCC competition images https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5XFTabw-7U&list=PLsdpcS2Tk-9p286FVIc2FVWVMp4kHma8E                              

  • Free course, “Your First Milky Way Photo”

    Thanks to Dan Copeland for sending this along.     Here is a link for a free presentation You know what people like less than getting a tooth pulled? Signing up for a free class and being sold to for a full hour. Would you take your dog to a trainer and listen to them […]