• [Members] Clinic 5 results

    Members, Attached are the results from Clinic 5. David Results-Clinic-5.pdf

  • Video Group Held in Person Meeting To-night

    The video group held the first in person meeting of the club tonight it was attended by 12 members. The group showed 6 videos first one was about Covid and how best to keep your 6 foot distance from each other with blow up balls. Photos to follow. The second was a video shot in […]

  • [Members] News from St.Matthew

    Hello everyone, Good news. St.Matthew is now open for regular hall users. The covid regulations are still in place and must be adhered to as per instructions from the parish administrator. I will follow up with a plan shortly. Also the internet is now available in the Parish Hall. Thx, Bert

  • [Members] Invitation from the Mississauga Camera Club

    Hello everyone, This is a reminder of the upcoming workshop March 5, 2022. Thx, Bert The Mississauga Camera Club is inviting your members to attend our next workshop. Avoiding the Recycling Bin – March 5, 2022 In this workshop we will highlight the amazing ways to optimize digital images. (Photoshop, Lightroom etc.) Editing is improving. […]