• [Members] How did you do that?

    Hello everyone, Call for contributions for “How Did You Do That” night, April 19, 2022. How many time have I heard “Wow this is a cool image. How did you do it”. If you would like to share some photographic techniques, trick or tips to create special effect images, then this is the perfect venue […]

  • [Members] CAPA newsletter

    Hello everyone, Attached is the latest CAPA newsletter. Thx, Bert CAPA-2021-09-newsletter.pdf

  • [Members] Clinic 1 is open

     Clinic is open to paid members I will need email info for new members so I can add you to the members list

  • Planning for the future – September 2021

    Hello everyone.  What we have experienced in the last couple of years has been beyond anything we would have imagined in our lifetime. This pandemic has thrown a wrench in the gearbox that drives our day-to-day activities. We suddenly had to reinvent our self and think of different ways to navigate in this new reality. This […]