CAPA Creative Competition - 2020 Trillium Entries

Highest Aggregate Score: 148
Highest Image Score: 28
Total Number of Entrants: 36
Total Number of Images: 207

Top Three Aggregate Scores

Montreal Camera Club Total 148 Gold Medal
Trillium Photographic Club Total 146.5 Silver Medal
Etobicoke Camera Club Total 141.5 Bronze Medal

Scores for Trillium Entries

Like Me Or Not: Bela Acs: Altered Reality 25.5
Free Spirits: Douglas Doede: Altered Reality 26
Ablaze Claudia: Povilauskas: Abstract 24.5
Chaos in the Crystal Ball: Jim Sykes: Abstract 23
Symmetrical Patterns: Ed Espin: Abstract 22.5
Broken Glass: Patrick Mohide: Abstract 25