November 23rd for trillium deadline 


2021 Smartphone – Tablet Competition

Scope of Competition

This is an Open Theme competition and a wide range of images can be submitted. However, there are editing restrictions.

This competition is open ONLY to images originally captured on a smartphone or a tablet device equipped with a camera.

A DxO One digital camera connected to a smartphone or tablet is NOT permitted in this competition.External lens attached to a smartphone or tablet are permitted.

For the purposes of balancing out the judging for this competition, you are asked to submit your images into one or more of the following genres:

Landscape – is the primary focal point and can contain person (s), buildings, piers, vehicles, vessels and aircraft, etc …

Closeup – is an images which has a closer focus on an object (s) or element (s).

Urban Scenery or Architecture – is the primary focal point which can contain people, vessels, vehicles, bicycles, water, etc…

Person (s) – image where the primary focal point is of one or more persons.

Editing Criteria

You are encouraged to submit your images which exemplifies the unique beauty of one or more themes from your perspective as either a resident or a visitor. 

    1. Eligibility Criteria – Prior to submitting any photo in a CAPA competition, all entrants must first read the CAPA Eligibility Criteria relating to images submissions. –  READ ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA HERE
    2. Restricted Editing – Basic editing, including color enhancement, the use of filters and cropping are acceptable provided any such editing does not affect the authenticity of the image. Very minor elements can be removed from the image but no elements can be added.

    Digital frame, pin-line, borders and mats are permitted in this competition.

    Image Specifications


    Image Titles

    When images are uploaded into a competition – you are required to enter the title of your image into the Title field. Title can be in either English or French or both.

    An image title should be simple and introduce or set the mood or perspective for your image.

    Do NOT:

    • enter the name of the photographer or club name in the title field
    • include punctuation or symbols (such as / –_,;: ” “”!? & $% * {} [] @ # &) or quotation marks in the title (For example: “Running_the_Roads-in / style”
    • include punctuation or symbols in the filename (for example: dave / smith- “red rose !!!” .. jpg)

    Naming Image Filename

    Prior to uploading your image into a competition, please ensure your image filename contains the name of the photographer and a unique title for each submitted image -– such as:

    Sally Brown-The Wild Rose.jpg
    Walter Rightside-The Wild Rose.jpg
    Oliver South-The double rainbow.jpg
    John Wayne-Sandy

    Camera club coding or camera club names are not required in the filename.

    Do NOT:

    • use “jpg” or “no title” as a filename
    • use only numbers (for example: 123456.jpg)
    • include punctuation or symbols (such as,;: ” “”!? & $% * {} [] @ # &) in the filename (for example: dave / smith- “red rose !!!” .. jpg)
    • use more than one period in the filename – .jpg (For example: Robert Smith-Wonderful Sunset… ..jpg)
    • use the same filename for more than one submitted image
    • use non-English characters in a filename, such as (â, ê, î, ô, û, é, à, è, ù) due to software limitations

    Image Size – Dimensions

    You must ensure your image is re-sized to meet the following two parameters:

    1. Saved as a jpg image with a maximum file size of 1.8 MB.
    2. Dimensions: Maximum horizontal size: 1400 pixels and maximum vertical size: 1050 pixels.

    Note: Images smaller than the maximum dimensions will ONLY be accepted when one of the image edges has a horizontal size is 1400 pixels or the vertical size is 1050 pixels. For example: square image – 1050 x 1050 pixels; landscape 1400 x 800 pixels; gold portrait 700 x 1050 pixels.

    Note: Images will NOT be rotated by the judges and will scored as submitted.

    During the uploading process of your image, our online competition system will verify if the image is less than 1.8 MB and meets the two parameters.

    If your image fails this verification process, you will receive an error message and it will appear below the upload image box.

    Depending on the error message – you will need to either reduce the file size of the image to be 1.8 MB or less or re-size the dimensions of your image. After doing so, please re-try uploading your image.

    Suggestions – Use sRGB color space for your image. For color accuracy: we strongly recommend that you calibrate your monitor to ensure color accuracy from your monitor to the image projected to the judges.

    See the above 

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