Trillium Photographic Club executive would like to announce a new procedure for submitting images to clinics.  Uploads page can be found under the “Clinics” menu and the dropdown menu “Upload Clinics” (for quick access click here)

Members can submit up to 5 entries per clinic.  To be considered for photographer of the year, you need 4 Pictorial, 4 Nature but only 2 Creative photographs for the current season,  with no more than half of the same subject matter (birds, flowers, people etc.).  However, the proficiency determination are still based on your top 10 pictures, regardless of category.

Trillium Photographic Club uses a half-point system allowing scores eg:  7.5

The “Creative” photography category is defined as photography that “alters reality in an obvious manner”.  The alterations have to be obvious to someone who has not seen the unaltered photograph and go beyond simply brightening or darkening a portion of it, as burning or dodging is allowed even in the strict “nature” category.

As for “Nature”, titles are not to be “catchy” but simply the scientific or common names of the realistically portrayed and easily identified subject(s).  The definitions of the categories are on p.8 of our Handbook.

Clinic Dates for 2018 – 2019 year

Clinic #1
Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018 – entries due
Tuesday, Oct 23, 2018 – clinic results
Clinic #4
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 – entries due
Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019 – clinic results
Clinic #2
Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018 – entries due
Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018 – clinic results
Clinic #5
Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019 – entries due
Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019 – clinic results
Clinic #3
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018 – entries due
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 – clinic results
Year End
Tuesday, Apr 19, 2019 – entries due

Submit images as JPEG files.  They will be projected in sRGB colour space.
Maximum horizontal size is 1400 pixels.
Maximum vertical size is 1050 pixels.  Smaller sizes are acceptable but will show smaller on the screen.
Larger sizes are reduced by the computer with probable loss of sharpness.

Please refer to the Handbook for further information.

 Submission of images to clinics are to be uploaded on Clinics Upload webpage click here to be redirected 

We have schedule orientation on September 18 for our members to make the transition as comfortable as possible.

We appreciate the patience of our members while we navigate through this new process.