The Trillium Photographic Club holds Clinics for image evaluation and education.

Clinics are designed to give members an opportunity to share and learn from more experienced photographers, thus helping them to enhance their photographic skills. See Our Detailed Program Guide for Clinic Dates. 

Members who wish to participate in the clinics should email [email protected] to be assigned a clinic number and a member level, or to ask any questions.

Member Levels: New members normally begin at the Bronze Member Level. A member transferring from another club will maintain an equivalent status. If you have experience in photography but have not been a photographic club member anywhere else, we will do our best to match you to the appropriate level.

Picture Categories: The Categories are Pictorial, Nature and Creative. Our Image Categories were updated in 2022. The details start at p. 8 in the current version of our Members Handbook.

  • All submissions must be the work of the entrant.
  • Digital manipulation must be done by the entrant.
  • Copying and/or inclusion of elements from other artists’ images, in whole or in part, is not acceptable in any category, except where these are objects in the environment being photographed.
  • Images created, in whole or in part, on the computer do not qualify in any category.
  • Eligibility will be determined by the Club.

Submissions: Clinic images are uploaded under Clinics, Clinic Uploads.

  • Members can submit up to 5 JPEG files per clinic.
  • They should be in the sRGB colour space.

Scoring: Trillium Photographic Club uses a half-point system allowing scores like  7.5. Three judges assess the images, so the final scores are out of 30.

Titles: The Image Title should be simple, and introduce or set the mood or perspective for your image. Nature has specific rules. Use only letters, numbers, spaces, hyphens or apostrophes. NO other punctuation like commas or periods and avoid ALL CAPS.

Size: Maximum horizontal size is 1400 pixels. Maximum vertical size is 1050 pixels.  It is best to have at least one of the sides at the maximum.

  • A square image would be 1050×1050, for example. 
  • 1400×1050 is the squarish 4:3 ratio, matching our screen [1400 is 4/3 of 1050, and 1050 is 3/4 of 1400].
  • Images larger than the maximums will be rejected by the system.

Documents you might like to review:

Trillium Categories in one page

Recognizing subjects for Nature and Reviewing Clinic Images

Please refer to the Members’ Handbook for further information.