As was the case last year, clinic images are uploaded to our web site.  The uploads page can be found under the “Clinics” menu and the dropdown menu “Upload Clinics” (for quick access click here)

Members can submit up to 5 entries per clinic.  To be considered for photographer of the year, you need 4 Pictorial, 4 Nature but only 2 Creative photographs for the current season,  with no more than half of the same subject matter (birds, flowers, people etc.).  However, the proficiency determination is still based on your top 12 pictures, regardless of category.

Trillium Photographic Club uses a half-point system allowing scores like  7.5.

Our Image Categories were recently updated. The details are in the 2022 version of our Members’ Handbook starting at page 6 – (Click Here). Please note that, If a nature-type image does not meet the post-processing or content requirements for nature, it can only be entered into the pictorial or creative categories if it meets the criteria of those categories.  

See Our Detailed Program Guide for Clinic Dates 

Submit images as JPEG files.  They will be projected in sRGB colour space.
Maximum horizontal size is 1400 pixels.
Maximum vertical size is 1050 pixels.  Smaller sizes are acceptable but will show smaller on the screen.
Larger sizes are reduced by the computer with probable loss of sharpness.

Please refer to the Members Handbook for further information.