Free course, “Your First Milky Way Photo”

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Here is a link for a free presentation

You know what people like less than getting a tooth pulled?

Signing up for a free class and being sold to for a full hour.

Would you take your dog to a trainer and listen to them say “that’s a good boy” for an hour without your dog actually learning anything?

Of course not! (Though, rest assured, he is a very good boy)

I’ve been on the free classes that are more nap time than learning time, and while I like a good nap ( 👋 hey mom of 2 young kids here!) I like creating amazing image more.

The unfortunate truth is that not all photographers who create amazing photographs can teach you how to do the same thing.

And not all free trainings are actually trainings.

Which is why I created my “Your First Milky Way Photo” FREE three part training… a class where you actively DO instead of passively observe!

Join thousands of other enthusiastic outdoor photographers who have gotten their butt out of bed in the dark of the night and driven to the middle of nowhere armed only with their DSLR camera, a tripod and a thermos of coffee.

This free 3 part live training teaches you to get your very first photograph of the Milky Way.

If you’re like many photographers who have gone through this training you might think at first that you can’t possibly take a photograph like this of the Milky Way.

You’re not a professional photographer, you likely don’t have the crazy expensive fancy gear, and heck, maybe you don’t even confidently shoot on manual yet?!

That was Michael too. But after only the second class he said to me:

“Even though you have said a number of times that I can get the shot with my Nikon D3100, I now actually believe it!”

And Micheal went on to get his VERY FIRST photograph of the Milky Way arching over the beach during the class!

If you are ready to create images of our universe that will leave your viewers jaw hanging on the floor then you need to get in to this training.

I’ll see you there!!


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