Two YouTube videos on photographic history

Thanks to Pat Mohide for sending this along.

Trillium members may be interested. In two YouTube videos. They highlight two important photographers who have made significant contributions to photographic history.

The first is Lee Miller. She led a most remarkable life moving from fashion model to photographer to war reporter. She was the only female combat photographer in Europe during World War Two. This video explores her life and her legacy.

Capturing Lee Miller


The second video is about Harry Burton. He worked with Howard Carter, documenting the archaeological findings after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, in 1922. He made his photographs with a large format camera in the harshest and dustiest of conditions. His pictures were recorded on glass plates which had to be developed on site in the Valley of the Kings. His images are of meticulous quality.

The Man Who Shot Tutankhamun


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