Tuesday January 18 – Speaker – David Cobb
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Light, Color, Form, & Expression: Explores the eye of the photographers, because without light, color, form, or expression, there’s no reason to pick up a camera. I’ll be sharing images of how these four tenets of photography helped me in my photographic journey, and how you can better incorporate them into your images. Critical composition skills will be discussed along with an introduction to exposure strategies. 

Photographing in a Forest: For the second half of the discussion, I’ll use the elements of light, color, form, and expression and apply them to forest photography. This talk includes an overview of forest photography, choosing the right lens, and thoughts about composing in the forest landscape. I’ll explore the reasons why forest photography is difficult and some of the key elements I look for in the forest to help create a simpler and more successful image, including techniques for composition and exposure for forest landscapes, panning, zoom techniques, the use of filters and more.