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I have posted the latest CAPA CPM Winter 2023 issue on our website.
Once you are logged in, you can find it, and past issues, under Membership & Docs  > Canadian Photography — CAPA Magazine
Table of Contents:
  • Stella d’Entremont – Message from the President p2: “In the months ahead, we eagerly anticipate sharing more details with you about the upcoming Canadian Photography Conference, ‘Elevating Art in Photography, June 25th – 27th, 2024.”
  • Terry Tinkess – From the Editor’s desk p4: “I’m particularly pleased that five members stepped up and provided us with content in the form of exceptional photography as well as captivating writing.”
  • CAPA/Club News p5: “As a member of a CAPA Club, you have direct access to a digital copy of Canadian Photography Magazine, and the ability to submit an article to our CAPA magazine, Canadian Photography.”
  • Meet the Volunteers p6: David Boutin only joined CAPA last June and immediately took on the role of Quebec Zone Director.
  • CAPA Competitions p9: 2023 Nature Individual Gold Medal Winner, Pacific Zone Individual, Pacific Zone Club
  • Paul Lengyll – Discovering the beauty of Italy p12: “Italy is a wonderful place to visit and like many locations, you can’t cover it in 3 weeks, but that’s all the more reason to plan another trip.”
  • Terry Tinkess – When Passion Becomes Work p18: “Through the lens of a personal project, I can explore the things that matter to me and present them as I feel they should be presented.”
  • Lynne R Kelman – My Journey through Still Life Photography p20: “I spent hours arranging and rearranging objects for just that perfect compositionally balanced shot.”
  • Doug Caplan – How Judgement Suppresses Creativity p26: “Those who have positioned themselves as judges often prioritize conformity over creativity.”
  • Trevor Reeves – Abstraction Using the Water’s Surface p32: The author creates abstract images from reflections on water. As it happens, the theme for our Members’ Challenge this year is reflections.
David Evans, CAPA Rep

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