[Members] Call for CAPA Rep

Hello everyone,
David Evans is looking for someone to assist with CAPA competitions this year and hopefully take over as CAPA representative next year.
As noted in the Handbook, the CAPA representative’s role is to liaise between Trillium and the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. CAPA is dedicated to the promotion and betterment of photography.
CAPA news and results from its competitions are presented to the club. Other Rep duties includes circulating the electronic version of the Canadian Camera magazine to the membership. Most significantly, the CAPA representative oversees selecting and sending images to the CAPA Club Competitions, often from clinic entries. Trillium enters CAPA’s competitions for clubs, of which there are eight this season (not counting the A/V presentations, which we have never entered).
After every clinic, the clinic chair selects the top images to share with the CAPA Rep. The CAPA Rep then selects images for the various CAPA competitions but may also seek further submissions from club members. In most Club competitions, six images may be entered from six different club members. The Rep may ask a master’s advice in making the final selections.
The entries must also be checked that they meet the criteria, so the Rep must be familiar with CAPA’s rules for the competition. For example, the image dimensions are the same as for our club, 1400×1050 pixels, although at least one side must be at the maximum and the file size can be no greater than 1.8 MB.
The Rep also must regularly check the CAPA website and email.
David would like the volunteer to look after a couple of this year’s competitions with his assistance, and then next year, take over as the Rep. David is willing to continue assisting next year, including looking after a competition or two. The beginning of the calendar year is especially busy, as there are four competitions every two weeks starting January 15.
This might sound overwhelming, but with David’s training and coaching you will be proficient in no time. So please consider this and let me know if you would like to become the next CAPA Rep for Trillium. Thx, Bert

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