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As you know, Dan Copeland has arranged several outings for us this week. Keep your cell phone handy, and maybe you'll get something you could put into the Club's cell phone/tablet CAPA entries. After all, last year Ilana Block had a winning cell phone picture with this entry:
Or maybe you took a nice fall scene, like this other winner from last year:
And later today, you could try for a winning shot like this:
You can get more inspiration from either the club or individual entries here:
However, some of last year's entries would not be allowed this year, as they are too highly altered or “artistic.” They only want
Basic editing, including colour enhancement. The use of filters and cropping is acceptable provided any such editing does not affect the authenticity of the image. Very minor elements can be removed from the image but no elements can be added.
Submit images that exemplify the unique beauty of one or more of these themes:
  • Landscape – is the primary focal point and can contain person(s), buildings, piers, vehicles, vessels and aircraft, etc…
  • Closeup – is an image which has a closer focus on an object(s) or element(s).
  • Urban Scenery or Architecture – is the primary focal point which can contain people, vessels, vehicles, bicycles, water, etc…
  • Person(s) – image where the primary focal point is of one or more persons.
The ultimate deadline is Nov. 30, but I need a little time to get the top 6 selected. You can upload a couple of pictures by Nov. 27 off the Events menu if you are logged in: 
Upload your images like you would for clinics, providing your name and the image title. 
  • Don't worry about any file renaming; I will look after that to meet CAPA's requirements.
  • The link to CAPA's information page is on our upload page as well.
David Evans

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