[Members] Group Galleries

I have set up group galleries for the  Trillium, they are Birds, Street,and Night groups

Only Members have access to them and members can upload their images to the group gallery. Members can give up to 5 star ratings and make comments on individual images ,
You must be logged in to see the group tags. You will find them on the web site under Galleries, group galleries, then the three groups are shown. You can select a subcategory for your image and add your own comment to your image. 
When viewing you can sort the images by category ( IE type of birds in birds) you then click the image for full size and here you can rate the image from 1 to 5 stars, you can comment on the image, as well you will see the Exif data for each image

Remember when uploading make sure you are in the right group 
Dan C 

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