[Members] How did you do that?

Hello everyone,
Please see the message below.  So far, only one person has informed Jim Maguire that he would be able to contribute, and Jim was hoping to get 10 contributors.  Please reconsider and, if you could contribute, please let Jim know ([email protected]) by Nov. 18.  Thanks.

Hello everyone,

Call for contributions for “How Did You Do That” night, April 19, 2022. How many time have I heard “Wow this is a cool image. How did you do it”. If you would like to share some photographic techniques, trick or tips to create special effect images, then this is the perfect venue for it. Jim Maguire has kindly volunteered to look after this event. Trillium has a lot of creative photographers.  A few years ago, we had a “How Did You Do That?” evening during which several club members demonstrated some interesting techniques.  It was a popular evening.  The purpose of this message is to determine if there is interest in the club in having another such session during this coming winter.  We tried last winter but didn’t get enough contributions, possibly because we were in a “Zoom environment” and some demonstrations are better done at an in-person meeting.  Next April we hope that such a meeting will be held in person.

Please let us know if you’d be willing to contribute to the program.  I think if we had 10 people whose presentations were about 10 minutes each, that might make a good program.  There are many topics that might appeal.  I list a few below, and I’m sure you can think of more:

  • Light swirls/trails in a darkened room
  • Smoke photography
  • Getting creative with gradients in PS;  use of actions in PS
  • Water drop, bubble and oil-on-water photography
  • Flowers in ice
  • Photographing food
  • Refractive art
  • Cool effects in portraiture like back-lit portraits or the use of neon lights
  • Infrared photography ideas
  • Multiply-reflected images
  • Stroboscopic techniques

Jim Maguire ([email protected]) has volunteered to coordinate this event.  Please let him know by November 1, 2021 if you would like to give a demonstration.  Thanks.

Bert Francoeur

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