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Hello everyone,

Please take notice of the following message from Janet Kempster. I will send a reminder a week ahead of the deadline. 



 2021 – 2022

The topic is COLOURFUL. – We hope that this topic will have widespread appeal, as, for the most part, it likely conjures up something upbeat and happy, which would be good after our long rather colourless days of living through Covid-19. One generally thinks of COLOURFUL as meaning abounding with colour, vibrant, varied, vivid, bright, interesting, dashing etc. However as with all words, one can find other uses of the word when applying it to such things as characters, places, language, experiences etc.

Submit 5 to 8 images that illustrate the theme 

All images are to be sized as per clinics and named with the owner’s name and a number, eg. John 001.jpeg John 002.jpeg.  

Please provide a title page image with your images that gives your name and a word or two that describe your submission content.

Images will be due by April 5, 2022  

Images can be uploaded on the website on the Challenge document found under Events.  Uploading process will be the same as used for Clinics and is simple to do.

Please note: this is not a competition. It is designed to be a fun and member – inclusive program item!

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