[Members] photoshoot at Mac Cleans Wreckers


I have been in contact with MacCleans and proposed an outing there for the club. I just need a number of people and a date that most can attend 
Saturdays mornings are open Sunday no, Monday to Friday is open morning or afternoon . They suggest a 15 dollar fee for each person and you have to sign a waiver to be on the grounds. 
I am able to go any day but would like a consensus on what days are best for you? A rainy day can be any day so we can go on a different day.
Also looking at Butterfly Museum both Niagara and Cambridge are open Niagara is a bit less in admission price   but you pay parking for each car. Car pooling would save cost and then there are other sites in Niagara .
The Bird museum is also open
please reply your thoughts on:
 day for wreckers
Niagara or Cambridge for butterflies 

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