[Members] Video meeting on Monday the 4th

From the Video Group 

Hello Everyone,

We look forward to seeing you this Monday evening at St. Matthew's Anglican Parish Hall on Plains Road, Burlington.

A slight amendment to the attendance rules. Proof of vaccination will no longer be required, However, masks are still mandated to be worn for the entire evening.

Parking and the entrance to the Hall is at the back of the Church.

Feel free to bring your video recording device of any kind; camcorder, cell phone, DSLR etc…

We will commence our meeting with a “thinking on the spot” and “thinking outside the box” exercise, and the second half or the evening will be viewing current and videos of past.

Thank you and see you soon.


P.S. We encourage the Trillium photographers to create an interesting slide show of their photos to be viewed. All videos being shown that evening will have a maximum time of 10 minutes each.