[Members] Year End extended deadline April 5, 2022


I have extended the deadline for the year end competition to April 5, 2022, to make it consistent with several other deadlines. That way you only have to remember one deadline: April 5, 2022.
These competitions with entries due that date are:
For the Year End, you select up to 5 of your uploaded images for the past year on the website.
For the Wildflower competition, you email your images named with the owner’s name and a number followed by the botanical or common name of the submission, e.g., Jane Doe 01 Hepatica.jpg, Jane Doe 02 Trillium.jpg etc.
For the Challenge (Colourful!), you upload 5-8 images and a title page all named with the owner’s name and a number, e.g., John Doe 01.jpg, John Doe 02.jpg etc. There are thus 9 slots for images.
For the Year End, the awards are given to first, second and third place entries and an additional 10% of entries will receive Honourable Mentions in each Category (Pictorial, Nature & Creative).
The more entries, the more HMs. 
Entries for every participant will also appear in an A/V show prepared by Clara Parsons.
One way or another, your selected images will appear at Year End.
Remember to participate, and good luck!
David Evans

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