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    Trillium Photographic Club is a member of the NFRCC (Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club). Being part of the NFRCC allows our members to partake in NFRCC special events. To participate in an NFRCC special event we are required to supply your first name and last name so that you can be identified as a Trillium member. We are providing your first name and last name only - no other personal information will be shared. You can choose NOT to provide your first name and last name to the NFRCC, but by selecting no you will not be able to partake in NFRCC special events.

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    Liability Waiver for Trillium Photographic Club -- I understand that membership in the Trillium Photographic Club provides me with the opportunity to participate in activities which may involve elements of risk or danger that could result in loss or damage to my personal property, personal injury or death. I acknowledge this risk and danger and accept sole personal responsibility for my personal property and my personal safety as well as any and all consequences resulting from my participation in any and all club activities. I further agree to not hold the Trillium Photographic Club or any of its members responsible for any outcome, loss, injury or liability from my participation in club activities. I further understand that accepting this liability waiver applies to any and all guests or participants which may be brought by me to any club event or activity and I hereby undertake and agree to make any guest or participant brought by me aware of this liability waiver and will ensure their acceptance of these terms before they participate. I have read the terms of this waiver and understand that by attending a Trillium Photographic Club event, I acknowledge and agree to the terms of this liability waiver and accept sole personal responsibility as stated in the waiver. *

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