Print Salon Date: December 12, 2023 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Entries: Up to FIVE entries per member.


  • Prints must be mounted or securely fastened to a backing board for protection. Over-mattes are permitted. It is recommended that these be white or a neutral colour.
  • It is recommended that a print be no smaller than 8” x 10” for best viewing at the salon. There are no maximum size restrictions.
  • Due to hanging and storing challenges, we can’t accept framed prints or prints with glass or mounts with hangers, wire or cord attached.
  • More than one image on a matte will be counted as one entry.
  • The entrant must have taken the original photograph from which the print is made.
  • Prints may be produced by either traditional chemical darkroom or computer printer techniques OR be commercially produced at a lab.
  • On the back, in the top right hand corner, print your Name and the Title of the image. Also put an arrow pointing to the top indicating which way the image should be viewed.

Note: Don Corby is again offering to matte prints for members for $25- $30, depending on the size. The prints must be delivered to Don no later than December 8. Don can be reached toll-free at 877-689-1976 or [email protected]. Website:

How to Participate:

  • Email Judy Boufford at [email protected] no later than December 8, giving your name and the titles of each of the prints you will enter. Labels for each of your prints will be made from this information. Send it in the following format to facilitate label making.


Title of Print

  • Attaching small JPEG versions of your prints to your email would be helpful as well.
  • Submit prepared/matted prints at the November 21,  November 28 or December 5 meetings.
  • Include a note with your name and the titles of each of your prints with your prints submission.
  • Take your prints home at the end of the Print Salon (9:00 pm) on December 12 or arrange for someone else to take them home that night.