2021 – 2022 – Detailed Program Guide

  • All our speaker nights will be hosted on Zoom
  • Any “In Person” meetings will be noted as “In Person”.  They will be held at:
    St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
    126 Plains Rd East
    Burlington, ON L7T 2C3
  • A ZOOM invite will be sent to members a week preceding each meeting.
  • We also post the links here (login required).
  • Guests are welcome to attend any of the Speaker Presentations; a fee of $10 will be charged for those who are not Trillium or NFRCC members.If you are interested in attending you can email [email protected] for ZOOM meeting invite and payment information.For more information on how to use Zoom to attend one of our meetings:  Click Here



Tuesday August 10 – Images due for “Things you have been doing to keep busy” Challenge

Tuesday August 24 – August Theme Challenge Presentation – Things you have been doing to keep busy
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)


Tuesday September 14 – No Club Meeting

Tuesday September 21 – Joe Desjardins – Crazy About Wildlife
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Join us for a webinar with award winning Nature Photographer Joe Desjardins. Joe will cover all the basics to get you on your way to photographing Canadian Wildlife. Joe will talk camera settings and techniques. Maximizing compositions and light will also be explained. Joe will finish things off with tips on perfecting exposure and achieving tack sharp focus.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”5″ display=”basic_slideshow”]You will leave with a better understanding on how to capture the diversity of Canadian Wildlife.


Tuesday September 28 – Around the World in 80 Minutes – David Seldon
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Join David Seldon who will present A/V shows featuring leopard seals, penguins
and icebergs in Antarctica , wildlife in Africa and New Zealand. Landscapes and animals from Alaska and Yellowstone. Birds, Belugas and Polar Bears from Churchill. Birds of Florida and landscapes from the Palouse. A show featuring some of my favourite photographs accompanied by wonderful music.




Tuesday October 5 – Opening Night & Clinic #1 Entries Due – Changed to a Zoom Meeting.
(Zoom Presentation – Online Only)

Presentations from Interest Groups:

An evening to showcase the images from some of our interest groups, including Bird Photography, Street Photography, Flash Photography, Night/Long Exposure Photography and Let’s Talk Photography.

Due to covid restrictions this meeting will be a Zoom meeting instead of onsite.

Tuesday October 12 – Speaker – Monique Campbell – Street Photographer
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Monique Campbell chooses to chase the light that shines through the cracks illuminating the world through her soulful images she captures mindfully. Her personal story lies within each image but it is not hers alone allowing others identify with their own narratives. In part it is healing, a means of compensation for the shadows in her mind as she chases the light. Finding interest by observing the mundane, the ordinary and the moments most people take for granted she excels in producing captivating photographs that linger in the minds of viewers. 

In a flash of perception she identifies a moment and clicks the shutter already knowing the end result will demonstrate her empathy and intimacy.

A graduate of the Western Pacific Academy of Photography, Monique Campbell’s photojournalism has been recognized by the Canadian Press runner up Photo of the Year, Thomson Newspaper chain Photo of the Year and the Ted Grant Photojournalism Award for Excellence. 

The Hamilton Street Photographer will be sharing images of her work and talking about her process. Monique’s photographs have been exhibited, published and collected both locally and internationally. In 2018, the Societe des Beaux Arts chose her photograph to be exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre.

Her talk; “Building Confidence to Shoot Street” will include over 65 photos including a number of before and after photos showing her editing. 

Tuesday October 19 – Clinic #1 Results Night

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Our results night will be shared over Zoom.

Tuesday October 26 – Speaker – Cole Thompson – Why Black & White? & Clinic #2 Entries Due
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

In about one hour Cole Thompson will make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject…except for one. Cole will show work from his various portfolios including:

  • The Ghosts of Auschwitz-BirkenauHarbinger
  • Ceiling Lamps
  • Moai, Sitting for Portrait
  • The Lone Man
  • And others

Interspersed between the images Cole will share his photographic philosophies, such as:

  • Never listen to others
  • Photographic CelibacyColes Rule of Thirds
  • Equipment is overrated
    Vision is the most important tool in my toolbox
    And many others!

At the end of his presentation Cole will answer questions and give away a print of The Angel Gabriel


Tuesday November 2 – Speaker – Gareth Jones – My View and My Journey
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Gareth Jones will demonstrate how all photographers are creative and outlines his journey into creative digital photography in order to encourage all to embrace their creativity and push their images to their creative max.
Photography and digital art are Gareth’s artistic releases. After taking up photography after a career as a forensic scientist, Gareth has been able to bring his imagination, vision and inquisitive mind to visual life.Gareth’s art mostly explores bold abstracts or unique perspectives that are created from his original photographs or digital art pieces. Gareth uses both monochromatic and colour perspectives as he believes they evoke quite different emotions in viewers. 

Tuesday November 9 – Clinic #2 Results Night

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Our results night will be shared over Zoom.

Tuesday November 16 – No Meeting

Tuesday November 23 – Ann Alimi – The Art of the Great Audio Visual Show
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Creating effective Photoessay Show
Ann is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography for both film and digital media. She is a Master level photographer at the Toronto Camera Club and a Certified Judge for the Canadian Association of Photographic Art and the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs.In 2011 Ann was awarded the “Distinguished Canadian Photographer ” award by the Toronto International Salon of Photography and in 2018 she was awarded  Fellowship Honours (FCAPA) from Canadian Association of Photographic Art and received the  “Photographer of the Year ” award by the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs.Ann is currently the Chair of Audio Visual Presentations for the Toronto Camera Club, the Canadian Association for Photographic Art and the Photographic Society of America.



Tuesday November 30 – Juraj Dolanjski “In the Mood”
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

A photograph that manages to evoke a feeling in a viewer is a moody photograph.
Capture mood in photography using various techniques; lighting, composition and atmospheric conditions.
Moody photographs may be: dreamy, peaceful, gloomy, vibrant, romantic, lonely, mysterious and so
much more. Be inspired to look beyond the ordinary. Don’t just document the obvious world around you.




Tuesday December 7 – Speaker – Ray & Mary Ann Anderson – Travel, Wildlife & Nature Photography
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Namibia: A Desert Adventure, is a narrated show where Mary Ann and Ray take the viewer for an intrepid journey through this remote Southern Africa country.  Namibia is a land of limitless horizons, endless desert and dunes, fascinating nomadic cultures, and has one of the greatest wildlife reserves in all of Africa, Etosha National Park.  It is also home to the largest population of cheetahs in the world, and Mary Ann and Ray had the opportunity to photograph these cats at an unbelievably close range.  Being one of the least densely populated nations on Earth, Namibia offers amazing opportunities for stargazing and night sky photography.  It is a country the Andersons refer to as “a photographer’s dream”.

Iceland: Pure and Rugged, is a show where Ray has the opportunity to share his diverse passions in photography: landscape panoramas, video, drone, time-lapse, and astrophotography.  Iceland is a sparsely populated island with dramatic, wild, and unspoiled landscapes from coast to coast.  It is an island of volcanoes, black-sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, turquoise blue glaciers, erupting geysers, and spectacular waterfalls.  The highlight of Ray’s show is presenting breathtaking views of these otherworldly landscapes with the Aurora Borealis dancing in the background.  Iceland is abounding with such awe-inspiring beauty that even the most seasoned traveler is left speechless. 


Tuesday December 14 – Clinic #3 Entries Due
The Print Salon is being rescheduled to April – Date to be confirmed soon.


Tuesday January 4 – Speaker – Judy Hancock Holland – Minimalism
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

A minimalist approach to your photography, ironically, can maximize the impact of your image by capturing the essence of your subject rather than just its appearance. Join us for this look at what constitutes minimalism and how to get started with it.


Tuesday January 11 – Clinic #3 Results Night

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Our results night will be shared over Zoom.

Tuesday January 18 – Speaker – David Cobb
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Light, Color, Form, & Expression: Explores the eye of the photographers, because without light, color, form, or expression, there’s no reason to pick up a camera. I’ll be sharing images of how these four tenets of photography helped me in my photographic journey, and how you can better incorporate them into your images. Critical composition skills will be discussed along with an introduction to exposure strategies. 

Photographing in a Forest: For the second half of the discussion, I’ll use the elements of light, color, form, and expression and apply them to forest photography. This talk includes an overview of forest photography, choosing the right lens, and thoughts about composing in the forest landscape. I’ll explore the reasons why forest photography is difficult and some of the key elements I look for in the forest to help create a simpler and more successful image, including techniques for composition and exposure for forest landscapes, panning, zoom techniques, the use of filters and more.

Tuesday January 25 – Speaker – Kas Stone & Clinic #4 Entries Due
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Photograph

Bio and Presentation Summary

Kas Stone is a professional photographer based on the remote eastern edge of Nova Scotia, where she finds plenty of inspiration in the wild coastal scenery and moody weather right outside her door. Her portfolio includes an extensive list of exhibitions, workshops and publications, with several books and feature articles in Canadian and U.K. magazines.

In this presentation, Kas will share her image-making workflow, illustrated with stories and before/after examples from her portfolio to show how the personal choices we make in the field, behind the camera, at the computer – and even in our lives! – contribute to the making of a photograph.

Visit Kas and learn more at www.kasstone.ca.



Tuesday February 1 – Speaker – Mike Kukucska – Astrophotography and Golden Horseshoe at Night
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Mike has been taking pictures ever since the purchase of his first film camera at age 16, but it wasn’t until his very first Milky Way photo a few years ago that the spark was truly lit, and he’s been hooked ever since. From techniques learned through astrophotography, he began experimenting with all aspects of long exposure night photography, both in nature and the city and has been thrilled to share his techniques with other eager photographers over the past few years at several club presentations.

When not chasing stars and urban landscapes by night, Mike is the president of Hamilton Scenic Specialty Inc., a company specialising in creative fabrication projects for the entertainment industry. He has been featured in the Hamilton Spectator, Hamilton Magazine, PhotoLife, InSpades Magazine and Urbanicity, and his work has appeared in solo shows at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, group shows, 2 book covers from local publishing company Wolsak and Wynn, and numerous private and corporate collections.

Mike’s presentation tonight will touch on the 3 primary types of astrophotography but will focus in on single exposure wide angle landscapes. Discussed will be recommended gear and settings, checklists and planning which will provide a solid foundation for not only dark sky images, but long exposure photography in general. The presentation will be packed with tons of images and a few stories along the way.


Tuesday February 8 – Clinic #4 Results Night & Deadline for Black & White Theme Night (February 22)

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Our results night will be shared over Zoom.

Tuesday February 15 – Club meeting – Question and Answer

The macrophotography workshop with Don Corby has been postponed for obvious reason. If things improve Don suggested that we could have an outdoor macrophotography workshop sometime in May. The date to be determined. To make up for this we will have a Questions and Answers Zoom meeting. This will give you an opportunity to tel us what you like about the program and the Club in general and where we can improve. This will be an open forum for discussion on Club business as well as photography and video related topics. Hope you can make it. Your option matters.

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Tuesday February 22 – Theme Night – Black & White

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)



Tuesday March 1 – Speaker – Gail MacLellan – Toy Photography & Clinic #5 Entries Due
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Now I understand why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up.
I have never had so much fun playing with toys!
We will discuss how to use toys to create an interesting story. I will share my tips of the things I have learned along the way and the pitfalls I have encountered.


Tuesday March 8 – Movie Night with Patrick Mohide – Great 20th Century Photographers & Deadline for Minimalism Theme Night (March 22)
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Patrick will be presenting the work of Eugène Atget, Man Ray, Jacques Henri Lartigue, André Kertész, Josef Sudek, Brassai, Bill Brandt, Cecil Beaton, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Georg Gerster, Josef Koudelka, Andreas Gursky and Michael Kenna.

Tuesday March 15 – Clinic #5 Results Night
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)


Tuesday March 22 – Theme Night – Minimalism
(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)


Tuesday March 29 – No Club Meeting & Submit images for year end awards



Tuesday April 5 – Speaker – Ron Wyatt – From Minor League to the Olympic Games

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)

Ron Wyatt discusses capturing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in sport photography. Whether you’re an ambitious beginner, or a seasoned pro, Ron will cover equipment, camera set-up, and planning an awesome shooting strategy.  Ron will also emphasize the importance of knowing the game – how to have fun photographing sports and what it’s like to cover the Olympic Games.  Before you know it, “play ball” will resound in your neighborhood and ballparks across the land.  Ron will help the family photo-bugs prepare for capturing action on and around the field.  This is the perfect seminar to learn the basics of sports photography, and see images of epic sporting events captured by a true pro.

Tuesday April 12 – TBD

Tuesday April 19 – Theme Night “

Theme Night “Spring”

(Zoom Meeting)


Tuesday April 26 – 30th Anniversary Event – including Archival Photos dating back from 1993 and onwards.

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)


Members Challenge (AV Show) and Louise Elder Competition Results


Tuesday May 3 – Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)


Tuesday May 10 – Annual Awards Night

(Zoom Meeting – Online Only)