2022 – 2023 – Detailed Program Guide

  • IMPORTANT – Always check this page for any updates to the program for the coming season.
  • Any “In Person” meetings will be noted as “In Person”.  They will be held at:
    St. Matthew’s Anglican Church
    126 Plains Rd East
    Burlington, ON L7T 2C3
  • For any speaker events being held on Zoom, a ZOOM invite will be sent to members a week preceding each meeting.
  • We also post the links here (login required).
  • Guests are welcome to attend any of the Speaker Presentations; a fee of $10 will be charged for those who are not Trillium or NFRCC members.If you are interested in attending you can email [email protected] for ZOOM meeting invite and payment information. For more information on how to use Zoom to attend one of our meetings:  Click Here


It’s time for the Summer Scavenger Hunt Challenge 2022!!
Hopefully, we will have as interesting a collection of images as we have had during the previous couple of summers.
Remember, this is not a competition, just a fun opportunity to find an image to illustrate a theme.  Choose 10 (ten) of the suggestions on the list and submit directly to the website by July 17th.  Go to Events/Scavenger Hunt Challenge 2022 or https://trilliumphotoclub.org/scavenger-hunt-2022/
Please identify your images by theme and size as per clinic specifications.
We will show everyone’s images at our Tuesday, July 19th, 7:30 p.m. Zoom meeting.


Tuesday, August 16 – Theme Night – What have you been doing this Summer?

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. As part of our Summer Schedule we have scheduled another Zoom Theme Night for August 16, at 7:30 p.m.

Please send 3-5 images to show “What have you been doing this Summer?” by August 14. These can be uploaded directly to our website, using the same process as used for the upcoming Scavenger Hunt Challenge. Again, no competition, no pressure, just for the fun of it . . .

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to during the Summer of 2022.



Tuesday, September 6 – Opening meeting – (In Person)

Tuesday, September 13 – New member’s orientation night (In Person)

  • “80 Images for 80 Years” A/V show by Don Poulton
  • Special Interest Group Presentation, including new Video group presentation

Tuesday, September 20 – Speaker: Peter Baumgarten – Shoot for the Stars (Zoom)

“Shoot for the Stars – Techniques to Improve your Astro-landscape Photography” Photographing at night has challenges and opportunities that just don’t exist for the regular landscape photographer. Join Peter Baumgarten for this how-to seminar that will help you create impressive night sky images. Starting with a look at the basics of shooting at night, you will also discover low level lighting techniques, live composite star trails, the value of time lapse sequences, photo stacking to reduce noise, and the creation of surreal time-blend images

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Tuesday, September 27 – Speaker: Mark Zelinski – Heart of the Turtle Island – The Niagara Escarpment (In Person)
***We will be recording this presentation and posting it on the website for those unable to attend in person.

“Heart Of Turtle Island: The Niagara Escarpment” brings exquisite focus to the environmental treasures of the Niagara Escarpment UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, and to the diverse native and settler communities that thrive along its rugged, curving path. Like the Galapagos and the Serengeti, The Niagara Escarpment is designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. One of the world’s unique natural wonders, the Escarpment defines an area across Southern Ontario and Manitoulin Island. Its ecosystems support hundreds of at-risk species that coexist alongside the most densely populated and heavily developed region in Canada. Through Mark Zelinski’s images and stories of the land, wildlife and people of Indigenous and settler communities, viewers have the
opportunity to experience a multi-layered perspective of the living escarpment, including:

  • Best escarpment locations to photograph and best times of day and season to visit.
  • A guide to unique escarpment microclimates (alvar, talus slope, vertical forests etc.).
  • Cultural events, festivals and local interest from Niagara Falls to Manitoulin Island.
  • Tips for shooting local wildlife, bird migration and wildlife locations. · Tips for shooting wildflowers, insects and macro photography.
  • A guide to the work and ideals of organizations that strive to protect the Escarpment. · Species-naming contest and book giveaway ***Live presentation only

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Saturday, October 1 – Theme night #1 Wildlife – Images due (Click here for more details)

Tuesday, October 4 – Theme night #1 Wildlife (In Person)

Saturday, October 8 – CAPA Nature Images Due – (Click here for more details)

Tuesday, October 11 – Speaker: Darren Calabrese – Photojournalism (Zoom)

Join Darren for a discussion about his most recent work and the process of creating a visual narrative for his upcoming book “Leaving Good Things Behind”.

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Tuesday, October 18 – CLINIC 1 RESULTS (In Person)

Wednesday, October 26 – Speaker: Dustin Abbott – Spending Wisely: How I choose the Gear and Buy (Zoom)
***This presentation will be on a Wednesday evening to accommodate the speakers’ schedule

A look at the top features Dustin looks at from the perspective of a gear reviewer and what he looks for when he is buying gear. A summary of what you might want to consider when purchasing a new camera body or new lens plus a technical explanation of the techy aspects of camera reviews. Additional technical information as dictated by the questions presented by club members

Dustin Abbott a professional photographer whose work has been featured in a variety of publications and venues, and his photography and gear reviews on his website (dustinabbott.net) and his YouTube Channel (http://bit.ly/DLAyt) have become world renowned for their detailed approach and are viewed monthly by people from just about every country in the world.

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Tuesday, November 1 – My Photography Night – (In Person)
This in-person evening is an opportunity for everyone to share some images with a theme of their own choice, or no theme at all . . . Whatever your passion is – flowers, birds, people, planes, trains or automobiles – this is about you! An evening to appreciate the wide range of topics our members enjoy photographing.
Please upload 8 – 10 images to the website by October 30th, using clinic specifications, naming is up to fifty characters .

Tuesday, November 8 – Speaker: Luba Citrin – Still Life – Behind the Scenes (Zoom)

In the first part of this presentation Luba will share with you her journey into photography, will explain her approach to creating storytelling images in any gender of photography starting with idea, creation of story and show behind the scenes execution in creating still life images.

In the second part of presentation in video format we will create from scratch a brand new still life image starting from idea, set up, shoot and then post-processing in Photoshop.

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Tuesday, November 15 – No Meeting

Saturday, November 19 – Workshop – Virginia Stranaghan – Lightroom (Zoom) – 9 am to 12 pm

Tuesday, November 22 – Speaker: Dave Sandford – Liquid Mountain to Polar Plunges – Visuals & Stories from the Field (In Person)

For the past six years, Dave Sandford has followed the big waves in the frigid waters of Lake Erie to capture the violent and breathtaking beauty of the Great Lake. He has tackled the challenge of the “Gales of November” to create his series called Liquid Mountains. He will share with these images along the stories behind their creation. In addition, Dave has travelled to the polar ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctica. He has photographed polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba and will share his experiences in these cold and barren locations.

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 Tuesday, November 29 – CLINIC 2 RESULTS (In Person)



Tuesday, December 6 – Speaker: Tom Stirr – Birds, Bugs and Butterflies (In Person Only)

This presentation will cover areas such as camera gear considerations and settings, hand-holding techniques, lighting and composition tips, frame rate and rhythmic motion, and the importance of knowing your camera gear and understanding your subject specimen.
***At the request of the speaker this will be an in person session only (There will be no recording and no Zoom link for this session)

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Tuesday, December 13 – TBD

Tuesday, December 20 – No Meeting

Tuesday, December 27 – No Meeting



Tuesday, January 3 – No Meeting

Tuesday, January 10 – CLINIC 3 RESULTS (In Person)

Tuesday, January 17 – Speaker: Paul Janosi – Nature As I See – A Passion for Photography (Location to be confirmed)

Includes a variety of types of photography including underwater, waterfalls, landscape, macro of insects and flowers plus wildlife and birds. The images Paul has demonstrated passion for photography and encompasses his travels to the Canadian Rockies, Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Monument Valley National Parks, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Columbia.

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Tuesday, January 24 – Q&A (In Person)

Tuesday, January 31 – Workshop: Hands-on Multi-station Creative Tabletop Photography (In Person)



Saturday, February 4 – Theme Photography #2 – Water

Tuesday, February 7 – Theme Photography #2 – Water (In Person)

Tuesday, February 14 – No Meeting

Saturday, February 18 – Rick McKenzie – Photoshop workshop (Location to be confirmed)

Tuesday, February 21 – CLINIC 4 RESULTS (In Person)

Tuesday, February 28 -Matthew Tiegs  – Macro Photography

Join Matthew Tiegs as he talks about his development as a Nature Photographer and what Macro Photography has done to help his photographic vision and overall understanding of the photographic image.

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Tuesday, March 7 – Macro workshop with Don Corby (In Person)

Saturday, March 11 – Three Club Show (Location to be confirmed)

Tuesday, March 14 – Movie Night with Patrick Mohide – Great American Photographers (In Person)

Saturday, March 18 – Theme Photography Night #3 – Images Due (Click here for more details)

Tuesday, March 21 – Theme Photography Night #3 – Macro (In Person)

Tuesday, March 28 – CLINIC 5 RESULTS (In Person)
Louise Elder and Wildflower Competition images due



Tuesday, April 4 – Speaker: Helen Grose – Becoming a Wildlife Detective: Finding Wildlife to Photograph (In Person) & SUBMIT IMAGES FOR YEAR-END ENTRIES

The number one question most wildlife photographers field is: “Where did you find that?”. In today’s digital age, sharing location information has led to concerns over ethical wildlife photography. Helen has developed this presentation to show you that you don’t need to be a master naturalist or rely on someone else to help you locate wildlife. By piecing together a number of relatively easy-to-find clues, and providing ideas of what to research in advance, Helen’s goal is to help you find wildlife to photograph safely and ethically

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Tuesday, April 11 – How did you do it (In Person)
Challenge images due

Tuesday, April 18 – Speaker: Curtis Jones – The Art of Simplicity – A Minimalist Approach to Creating Stronger Images (Zoom)

Learn to use the creative techniques of minimalism to intentionally account for every inch of your frame. Discover how to minimize clutter, work with negative space, and master visual balance to boost the overall impact of your compositions. Working in a clean visual style you will learn to look for strong anchors, shapes, and lines while eliminating visual distractions. Curtis will share his experiences and images from some of the world’s most remote destinations to help kick-start your journey toward simplified, cleaner photographs that capture the essence of our world.

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Tuesday, April 25 – Louise Elder Wildflower comp/club challenge/members A/V show (In Person)



Tuesday, May 2 – AGM, Election of Officers, CAPA results, followed by Speaker: Detective Constable Scott Kennedy, Photography in Policing (In Person)

Scott will talk about how photography and advanced photography techniques are used in the forensic identification services by Police.

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Tuesday, May 9 – Annual Awards Night (In Person)