Speaker Christopher Siou. Travel and Nature Photography

April 27, 2021

Christopher Siou has been a long time member of the Toronto Camera Club, serving as the Nature Chair, Weekend 
Outing Chair and also the current President of the club. He has won awards in O3C, CAPA and International Salon 
competitions. He also regularly judges O3C club competitions as wellas doing workshops and presentations. He is 
a 'traditional' photographer, influenced by National Geographic style images, and his work is mostly based on his 
travels, with an emphasis on nature landscapes and wildlife.

In this presentation, he will cover his recent trips to China, Iceland & Antarctica. Like everyone else, he cannot wait 
to do more travels just as soon as it is safe to do so!

Sunrise, Yunnan, China

Iceberg Beach, Iceland

Antarctica Cruise

Christopher Siou