Speaker: Jorn Hansen – Some thoughts about Bird Photography

September 29, 2020 – 7:30 pm

Jorn Hansen is a retired Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto where he taught, guided graduate students and conducted research for 33 years. He began bird photography in the early 1980’s, became a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and began competing in International Salons.

In 1983 he placed 13th in the PSA Who’s Who World ranking in Nature Photography based on bird photographs.  Then he stopped bird photography for a number of years; upon retirement in 2008 he returned to this hobby with digital equipment. Rejoined the PSA in 2013 and resumed competing in  International Salons in late 2013. In a little over two years of competition, he received over 800 acceptances in International Salons, receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as well as many

He placed 3rd in the PSA Who’s Who North America ranking for Nature Photographers.  His acceptances have also led to him earning the PSA 1st to 5th Stars and the 1st to 5th Galaxy in Nature Photography. In May of 2020, he wrote and illustrated an article entitled “On-Camera Flash For Bird Photography” which was published in the PSA Journal.

Jorn’s presentation will share lessons learned in photographing dramatic/interesting bird-behavior involving feeding, aggression, reflections and light using both natural light and flash as well as showing his favourite photographs.

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