Useful Links:

Noteable Canadian Photographers:
Louis Helbig
aerial photography, pattern, design
Magnum Photos
Magnum photojournalism, documentary books available
Edward Burtynsky
Environmental photography, large scale images, books available
Stephen Scott Patterson
Personal vision, interesting photos of common subjects workshops
Larry Monczka & Kathy Pickard
Great photos of simple things in the world around us, personal vision
Estate of the late Fred Herzog
Street Photography, many of Vancouver, in colour but very painterly due to lack of over saturation and lack of over sharpening
Lana Slezic
Documentary photography, wonderful mennonite photos especially, books available
Michael Levin
Art photos, ethereal BW photos using long exposures, books, workshops
Barbara Cole
Art & Commercial photographer, “she documents her imagination”, books available
Robyn Cumming
Art photographer, designs & produces her photo objects & settings
Richard Martin
Image design, photo tours, workshops