Year-End Awards are announced May 14, 2024.

  • Based on clinic images from the 2023-2024 season with a minimum score of 19 that you select for judging.
  • You can do a quick review of your scores with this file: Results 2023-24.
  • Announced at the Annual Awards Night on May 14, 2024.
  • Given to first, second and third place entries in each Category (Pictorial, Nature, and Creative); an additional 10% of entries will receive Honourable Mentions.
  • The top three entries and the Honourable Mentions in each category are all considered to be year-end awards.
  • You may enter up to 8 images for year-end.
  • Wildflower and wildlife bird images that receive year-end awards may also win the Louise Elder Best Wildflower Award or the David Seldon Bird Photographer Award.
  • See pages 18-19 of the Handbook for complete details.

Qualifying entries must have scored at least 19.

Submission process:

  • Deadline is April 2, 2024.
  • You select the images on the website.
    • The selection page is now closed.
  • You select up to eight images.
    • If you select more than eight images, you will get an error message.
  • Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Image of the Year:

  • Chosen from the Winners of Pictorial, Nature, and Creative images.

Louise Elder Best Wildflower Award and David Seldon Bird Photographer Award:

  • Chosen from among the winning Nature images that meet the respective criteria for the Awards.
  • The David Seldon award is granted exclusively to wildlife bird images containing no human elements. Images taken in zoos or at the Raptor Centre are not eligible.
  • The Elder Award is for the flower of any identifiable wild Canadian plant including grasses, sedges, shrubs, and trees. The image must include, as the centre of interest, any stage of the flower, either in bud, blooming or in seed. Images must be titled with the botanical or common name.

The Club Awards are also announced at the Annual Awards Night on May 14, 2024:

  • The Club Awards for Proficiency and for Photographer of the Year are based on members’ clinic scores.
    • The Proficiency Awards are for members in each member category (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Master) that have the highest total score for 12 images that scored 21 or more points during the current season.
    • The Photographer of the Year Award rewards versatility in all three picture categories. It is awarded to the member who achieves the highest total score for four Pictorial, four Nature and two Creative images. No more than half (five) of the images may have the same subject matter (buildings, birds, flowers, people, etc.).