Year-end awards are announced May 11,2021

  • Based on clinic images from this 2020-2021 season that you select for judging.
  • Announced at the Annual Awards Night on May 11,2021
  • Given to first, second and third place entries and an additional 10% of entries will receive Honourable Mentions in each Category (Pictorial, Nature & Creative).

Qualifying entries must have scored at least 19


Submission process:

  • Deadline is March 30,2021
  • You select the images on the Web site
  • Under the Clinics tab click YEAR END CLINIC IMAGE SELECTIONS
  • You then select up to five images
  • Then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page
  • If you selected more than five images, you will get an error message

Image of the Year

  • Chosen from the Winners of Pictorial, Nature and Creative images.

Other awards announced at the Annual Awards Night on May 12, 2020.

  • The Club Awards for proficiency and for photographer of the year are based on members’ clinic scores.
  • The proficiency awards are for members in each member category (B, S, G, M) that have the highest total score for 12 images that scored 21 or more during the current season.
  • The photographer of the year award is awarded to the member who achieves the highest total score for four Pictorial, four Nature and two Creative images of varying types during the current season.  To ensure versatility is rewarded, no more than half (five) of the images may have the same subject matter, e.g., buildings, birds, flowers, people, etc.