Star Party in July

This will also be a good evening of milky way photography no telescope required . If people are interested I will take a group to the windmill to photograph  it with the milky way in the back ground, also there are a lot of beach areas like turkey point to photograph the night sky.
Here is the update for the Summer Impromptu Star Party. I spoke to Brandon Good this morning and he is asking attendees to the star party to e-mail him with the following information:
– Name of party
– number of people in the vehicle
– date of arrival
– date of departure
Brandon will create a list and no one will be charged until they arrive so that no issues will arise with refunds if the health restrictions are renewed or we have to cancel for any reason.
[email protected] – Please put Summer Impromptu Star Party Registration in the Subject Line.
The rental of the field is $50 / day for our impromptu gathering. If everyone were to attend for all five days, that means an extra $250. I will split that up based on the number of people / vehicles attending so it will be a small addition to the daily camping rate charged for each vehicle.
If we have ten vehicles, that would add $25 for the duration of the stay. More people come and the cost drops substantially.
We will have access to the field from the rear of the park so we can avoid driving through the entire camping areas. The gate will be opened for our access during the day and closed but not locked at night.
Brandon will be opening up the washroom facilities in the building nearest the field for our use. So no porta-potties!!! Further, as long as the provincial guidelines do not restrict us, we will be able to use the shower facilities also available in the park!
As long as we “space ourselves” to meet public health guidelines and follow the requirements regarding the use of the field, we are going to have a great camping trip and star-gazing event!
There is sufficient room on the field for at least 60 vehicles and still provide sufficient spacing for scopes to be set up and so on.
I will be bringing two generators to ensure we have the ability to charge power packs and electronic devices during the daylight hours,