Submission of Entries for Trillium Clinics

If you have any questions or need a clinic number, email [email protected].

Enter images directly on the Trillium website by choosing “Clinics” then “Clinic Uploads.

Images are presented on Clinic Nights with the scores and comments. You can request up to three comments per clinic. Ribbons are handed out to the Top of Clinic images, and any promotions are announced.

For Instructions on entering your images to Clinics and changing your password:  Instructions for uploading Clinic Images Online

New members may obtain their clinic number and member category via an email to [email protected] 

The full requirements for clinic entries are outlined in the Members’ Handbook, but are generally as follows:

  • 5 images per clinic.
  • Images may be derived from digital cameras or scanned photographic images; they cannot be created entirely in the computer.
  • All images and elements thereof must be the work of the maker.
  • The images will be evaluated online.

File Dimensions And Sizing

  • Submit images as JPEG files in sRGB colour space.
  • Maximum horizontal size is 1400 pixels.
  • Maximum vertical size is 1050 pixels.  
  • 1400×1050 is the squarish 4:3 ratio, suitable for our screen. 
    • A panorama could be 1400 (horizontal) x 900 (vertical)
    • A portrait image could be 850×1050
  • The maximum file size is 3 MB.  
  • The upload system will reject any images that exceed these criteria.

Image Titles

Use only letters, numbers, spaces, hyphens or apostrophes. NO other punctuation like commas or periods and avoid ALL CAPS. The Image Title should be simple, and introduce or set the mood or perspective for your image, and for Nature, the title should be only the species name and possibly a description. 

Member Level and Image Category

Member Levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master.

  • New members usually start at Bronze.
    • It takes 10 scores of 21 or more to get promoted to Silver.
    • 25 scores of 22 or more to get promoted from Silver to Gold.

Image Categories are Pictorial, Nature and Creative.

  • These are defined in the Members’ Handbook.
  • Nature: The image should look “natural” and the inclusion of story-telling elements is strongly encouraged. Minor cloning and thin lines around images are allowed, and we follow the “10% rule” for any human elements. Nature-type images that cannot go into Nature may be entered into Pictorial, but then they are judged by the Pictorial rules.
  • Pictorial: The pictorial artistic quality of the image will be the main criterion evaluated.
  • Creative: The photographic origin of the image must be evident.

Please Note:  the entry deadline is as of midnight on the entry date and is a HARD DEADLINE.  The deadlines are on Tuesdays, to make them easier to remember, with usually at least a week between one clinic night and the deadline for the next clinic.