Submission of Entries for Trillium Clinics

Entries can be entered directly on the Trillium website.  Please see the next 2 lines for access to the detailed entry instructions, and for webpage direction to upload your images.  You can also access the image upload screen by choosing “Clinics” then “Upload Clinics” menu items.

For Instructions on entering your images to Clinics and changing your password:  Uploading-Clinic-Images-Online

Clinic Entries are uploaded via the website on this page:


New members may obtain their clinic number via an email to: [email protected] 

The full requirements for Clinic entries are outlined in the Member’s Handbook, but are generally as follows:

  • A maximum of 5 images per person per clinic may be entered
  • Images may be derived from digital cameras or scanned photographic images
  • All images must be the work of the maker
  • The images will be evaluated online

File Dimensions And Sizing

  • Submit images as JPEG files.  They will be projected in sRGB colour space
  • Maximum horizontal size is 1400 pixels
  • Maximum vertical size is 1050 pixels.  Smaller sizes are acceptable but will show smaller on the screen
  • Thus, a wide landscape image could be 1400 (horizontal) x 900 (vertical), and a portrait image could be 850 x 1050, as examples
  • The maximum file size is 3 MB.  Very few 1400 x 1050 images exceed that size, and most are under 1 MB.  There is no visible difference between a 2.9 MB and a 3.1 MB image
  • The Upload system will reject any images that exceed these criteria

Refer to the Tutorial on Resizing Images.  Mac users can also change image dimension directly in Finder.  Windows users can download and install the free IrfanView  or Faststone that allows basic processing, including resizing and resetting dimensions.

File Naming

You are no longer required to follow the naming convention for your filenames that we used previously.  It no longer matters what the filename of your image file is with the new Clinic Upload System.  You can just keep the name given by your camera if you like. However, if you do rename your files, please use only letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens.  If you rename your file please keep the filename under 25 characters in length.

There will be dropdown options on the Clinic Upload Page for Level and Category; these do not need to be included in the filename.

Levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master
Categories are Pictorial, Nature and Creative
These are defined in the Member Handbook

Please Note:  that the entry deadline is as of midnight on the entry date and is a hard deadline.   The deadlines are on Tuesdays, to make them easier to remember, with usually a week between clinic night and the deadline.