The theme for this year Member’s Challenge is “Colourful”. The photography challenge is an exercise that aims to help you become more creative and pushes you to experiment with new ideas and techniques that you wouldn’t otherwise consider. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you become a better photographer. Fall is almost upon us, hard to believe, and if Mother Nature cooperates it’s usually a good time to capture colourful nature scenes. And furthermore, don’t think of it literally. One can find other uses of the word Colourful so let your imagination go wild and be creative. This year you will be able to upload your images on our website following the same process as for clinic photo submission. You can submit 5 to 8 images prior to the April 5, 2022 deadline. Images will be showcased April 26, 2022 as part of our 30th anniversary event. Please visit our website under Events>2021-2022 Members’ Challenge for more information.