Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we will be hosting our meetings online.

The Trillium Photographic Club will use Zoom for all our online meetings.

ZOOM works on a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device (either Android or iOS).

It is also possible to join a Zoom meeting with nothing more than a phone. You will have
limited capabilities with a phone and your call may incur a long distance charge.

We recommend the following setup for the best meeting experience.

  • A web camera. Many laptops and mobile devices already come with a built-in
    camera. For desktops, you may need a web camera to transmit video. You can
    either purchase a webcam or convert your phone or camera into a webcam.
  • A microphone or a headset with a microphone. Most laptops and mobile devices
    will have a built in microphone. An external microphone will greatly improve the
    sound quality transmitted and received.
  • Downloading the ZOOM Desktop Client.  Click here to download it: https://zoom.us/download 
    If you do not download the
    desktop software, you will be able to access most (but not all) of ZOOM’s features,
    but only on the Chrome browser.

The Zoom links for each meeting will be sent to the members via email in advance of each meeting.

Click here to view our:  ZOOM Meeting Tips and Guidelines

Click here to view the:  ZOOM Meeting Controls