To our New Members, welcome to Trillium’s enrolment page. If you enjoy the photographic arts, you are just a few steps away from joining an active and vibrant club. From sharpening your skills and learning new ones to making new friends with similar goals, Trillium is here to help you on your way regardless of your skill level.


Whether applying for a New membership, Renewing an existing membership, or offering a Gift membership there are a few things you need to know before filling in your form and submitting it.

  1. There is now a single Enrolment Form for New, Renewal or Gift Membership. Please follow the guidelines given throughout the form.
  2. Complete the form online and submit it to Trillium Photographic Club.
  3. Be sure to enter all requested information on the form. Forms with incomplete information are returned.
  4. You have the option of paying membership dues in three ways. We will send the details for each of these once your completed application is accepted.
    1. The most widely used and recommended is by e-transfer.
    2. By personal cheque, either mailed in or in person at your first meeting of the year.
    3. In cash, you will need to pay in person at your first meeting of the year. Please do not send money in the mail.
      ****Sorry, but Trillium does not accept Credit Cards currently.
  5. Membership Dues for the 2023-2024 Session are as follows:

    • $ 90.00  Full Year Single Membership
    • $155.00  Full Year Couples Membership
    • $  45.00  Full Year Student Membership
    • If joining mid-session (i.e. in January), fees are half the full rate.
  6. The enrolment form has a section for Special Interest Groups. If you would like to join a Special Interest Group, you must signup for these on the enrolment form since paper signup sheets are no longer available at the meetings.